Nagoya International Symposium

Science of Molecular Assembly and Biomolecular Systems

Date: November 30 - December 1, 2007

Place: Lecture Room B501, Building B, School of Science, Nagoya University

The purpose of this symposium is to strengthen our graduate program in the Division of Condensed Matter Physics and Biophysics. Our research area covers a wide range of fields from solid state physics to biophysics, and we plan to reorganize our research activities from a new viewpoint, which is represented by the title "Science of Molecular Assembly and Biomolecular Systems". As a first step, we hold the Symposium for deep discussion by inviting internationally leading scientists in relevant areas as lecturers.
[Poster (PDF, English)]      [Poster (PDF, Japanese)]


November 30

   8:50-12:50 Organic & Biomolecular Assembly
   14:20-16:00 Inorganic Materials with Block Structure
   16:00-17:40 Poster Presentation

December 1

   8:30-12:00 Strongly Correlated Electron Systems & Protein Dynamics
   13:30-17:10 Non-Linear Physics & Computational Biophysics

[Full program (PDF file)]

Organizing Committee

Division of Material Science - Physics Section

Graduate School of Science, Nagoya University

Invited Speakers

Sponsored by

The Support Program for Improving Graduate School Education

The President of Nagoya University

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